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                      CELEBRATING OUR 15TH YEAR !!! 

The 1960's produced one of the most diverse musical decades ever experience - from Elvis - The Beach Boys - The Beatles - The 4 seasons - The Rolling Stones - Bob Dylan - The Doors - Hendrix ......From Surf Music - through the British Invasion - peace movement - ending with the Woodstock Generation - The Strictly 60s Band will take you on a musical journey reliving all of those historical times.

By all accounts, the ‘60s was an unforgettably revolutionary decade—the decade—transforming the world into what it is today. And we want it back.
Our mission at Strictly 60s is to revive those timeless memories, every day, for all of the people who made the world a place we actually wanted to live in once. Providing live music entertainment for over 15 years, Strictly 60s is devoted to the people, music, and the decade that shaped how the two entities would continue to grow together.

We’re celebrating our 15th year now and we’re here to make it a special one. Whether you’re looking for a simple serenade or blowout bash, Strictly 60s experienced musicians are up to the task. We are fully insured and use state of the art equipment. Be sure to check out our songs to get a sense of our vibe, and please contact us for any questions whatsoever. Located in New Jersey we travel to many surrounding areas including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and more… Email us and we’ll travel to you!